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Mediterraneo Oils 60ml 10 colours



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Places which have their own colour capture the imagination. In the mind, as in memory, every colour has its place and every place has its colour.

The Mediterranean, the center of a world. A sea that unites different continents and cultures; the colours and tints of unforgettable sites and civilizations: mare nostrum. This same sea is the fluid palette on which are spread tones that paint the history of humankind. The chromatic assortment of Coarsely Ground Mediterranean Colours is basic, because only a few essential tones are needed to render the magic of a harmonic motion. Pure and, one may say, fundamental, the colours of this light are in any case calibrated to capture every nuance and modulation needed for sunny, luminous and natural painting. “Nature is extraordinarily beautiful here”, wrote Van Gogh when, fleeing northern mists and grayness, he journeyed south pursuing the path of light. This is a colour range especially suited to painting with warm, bright and harmonious hues, juxtaposed with one another. Also indicated for en plein air works of sun-drenched landscapes, of warm or temperate climes, or paintings with sunny tonalities and enveloping light. In using these colours we recommend hard bristle, ox-hair or synthetic brushes. The grain size of these colours is larger than for other oil paints and paste density is thicker, with brushstrokes accentuated.The colour dried on the canvas damps the ray of light and softens tones, giving the surface a rugged feel.

The colours can be thinned with safflower or walnut oil or appropriate mediums for oil painting. It is best to avoid solvents and essential oils, which would weaken the pastes. In painting with a palette knife, for whose “impressions” these paints are particularly suitable, it might be best to use brilliant mediums to accentuate the luminosity and shine of each single coat. It is also advisable to prepare the canvas with uniform, soft coats of pastel pink or yellowish pink obtained with ochre and Natural Earth Colours (Terre Grezze d’Italia). This can be especially suitable for creations with predominantly blue and greenish blue tones, enhanced by these complementary bases.

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Vesuvius Yellow, Damascus Yellow, Trinacria Orange, Sevilla Red, Salento Green, Green Obsidian from Pantelleria, Provence Rose Lake, Grasse Violett, Ercolano Blue, Capri Blue, Santorini White