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Mussini resin Oils 35ml



Finest artists’ resin-oil colours (Series 10)


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Finest artists’ resin-oil colours (Series 10)

A unique combination of painting oils and natural resin

Based on many decades of scientific experience, Schmincke combines a variety of painting oils such as linseed, safflower, and walnut oil with dissolved dammar natural resin. The amount of dissolved dammar resin to be added depends on the oil requirements of the respective pigment, so that each of the 108 colours has an individually balanced recipe.

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Zinc White, Titanium Opaque White, Translucent White, Flesh Tint, Medieval Yellow, Yellowish Green Ural, Cadmium Yellow tone, Lemon Yellow, Vanadium Yellow light, Indian Yellow, Brilliant Yellow, Cadmium Yellow 1 light, Cadmium Yellow 2 middle, Cadmium Yellow 3 deep, Transclucent Yellow Oxide, Naples Yellow light, Naples Yellow deep, Cadmium Orange, Transparent Yellow, Translucent Orange, Chrome Orange tone, Brilliant Scarlet, Cadmium Red middle, Cadmium Red tone, Madder Root tone, Madder Lake brilliant, Madder Lake dark, Alizarin Madder lake, Florentine Red, Cadmium Red light, Cadmium Red deep, Carmine, Translucent Magenta, Vermilion Red hue, Translucent Red oxide, Ceaser Purple, Translucent Violet, Cobalt Cerulean Blue, Translucent Cyan, Indigo Tone, Cobalt Blue tone, Cobalt Blue light, Cobalt Blue deep, Cobalt Violet, Royal Blue light, Royal Blue deep, Manganese Cerulean Blue, Prussian/Paris Blue, Ultramarine Blue light, Ultramarine Blue deep, Delft Blue, Indigo Tone, Byzantine Blue, Transparent Oriental Blue, Transparent Turquoise, Cobalt Turquoise, Chrome Green tone light, Chrome Green tone deep, Chromium Oxide Green brilliant, Chromium Oxide Green, Helio Green deep, Helio Green light, Sap Green, Cobalt Green opaque, Viridian, Yellowish Green, Transparent Golden Green, Oriental Green, Turmaline Green, Verona Green earth, Yellow Sienna, Asphaltum Black translucent, Natural Bohemian Green earth, Pompeiian Red, Caput Mortum, English Red, Deep Ochre, Rose Gold, Raw Sienna, Natural Burnt Sienna, Brown Pink, Pazzuoli Earth, Natural Raw Umber, Natural Burnt Umber, Vandyke Brown, Transparent Brown oxide, Raw Umber light, Mineral Brown, Atrament Black, Ivory Black, Lamp Black, Schmincke Payne's Grey, Mineral Black, Bluish Grey 1, Bluish Grey 2, Brownish Grey 1, Brownish Grey 2, Shade Grey, Dove Grey


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