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Norma oils 35ml 84 colours



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  • 84 shades including unique special colours
  • Use of renewable raw materials, e.g. pure, high-quality plant oils
  • Only highest lightfastness (4 + 5 stars)
  • Even drying and balanced consistency within the colours
  • Maximum spreading rate by using the highest concentration of pigments
  • Available in following sizes: 84 colours in 35 ml tubes, 48 colours in 120 ml tubes and 12 colours in 200 ml tubes, 5 litre buckets on request

Norma® Professional is a modern, environmentally-friendly formulated oil colour of the finest quality for professional and demanding oil painting. The balanced range of colours consists of 84 brilliant, traditional and modern colours including 27 high-quality transparent colours and several unique special colours. These include not only highly lightfast and opaque chrome yellow shades, but also special shades such as poppy red, cobalt turquoise, agate brown, Schweinfurt green hue, neutral black, gold, silver, bronze and others. All 84 colours have maximum lightfastness (4-5 stars).

The ecologically sound formulation includes the use of many natural, sustainable raw materials. High-quality, pure plant oil combinations ensure good adhesion, optimum pigment uptake and decreased tendency for yellowing. The best classical and latest technical pigments used in the highest concentration guarantee a maximum spreading rate and an exceptional luminosity and brilliance of all colours. Careful preparation, traditionally ground on three rolling mills, aged for three months before bottling, ensures that the raw materials are developed optimally in the pure oil paint.

All colours have a balanced, creamy-buttery consistency and therefore have the best painting features and optimum working traces. In addition, optimisation of the formulation produces a shorter, even drying of all colours, which guarantees brilliant and highly durable surfaces.

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Translucent White, Zinc White, Titanium White, Opaque White, Zinc Titanium white, Flesh tint, Naples Yellow Reddish, Naples Yellow deep, Naples Yellow light, Chrome Yellow hue light, Chrome Yellow hue middle, Chrome Yellow hue deep, Brilliant Yellow light, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow lemon, Cadmium Yellow mix, Cadmium Yellow light, Cadmium Yellow deep, Brilliant Yellow, Indian Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Brilliant Orange, Poppy red, Vermilion Red light, Vermilion Red deep, Cadmium Red light, Cadmium Red mix, Cadmium Red deep, Madder Light, Madder Red, Madder Ruby, Madder Deep, Carmine Red, Ruby Red, Magenta, Cobalt Violet hue, Violet Dark, Indanthrene Blue, Ultramarine Blue deep, Ultramarine Blue light, Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue deep, Cobalt Blue light, Cobalt Blue hue, Cobalt Cerulean Blue, Indigo, Prussian Blue, Phthalo Blue, Cerulean Blue, Azure Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, Phthalo Green, Chromium Oxide Green brill., Emerald Green, Schweinfurt Green hue, Permanent Green, Permanent Yellowish-green, Olive Green, Sap Green, Chromium Oxide Green, Green Earth, Raw light ochre, Yellow Ochre, Translucent Ochre, Golden Ochre, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, English Red, Red Earth, Caput Mortuum, Translucent Red brown, Agate Brown, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Vandyke Brown, Neutral Black, Black Iron oxide, Ivory Black, Payne's Grey, Warm Grey, Cold Grey, Silver, Classic Gold, Bronze