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Maimeri Classico Oils 200ml 34 colours


Classico Oil colours, 200ml tubes


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Superfine oil colours

Competitiveness as a distinctive feature. The best quality/price ratio on the market. Oil colour with performance superior to price. A fine, appropriate, satisfying investment. Rewarding for the disproportion between qualitative factors and purchase price. A product that repays. Artisanal, frequently used, superfine. Seventy-seven colours, an infinite assortment of yellows, reds, greens and blues. Absolutely no waxes or additives. Perfectly balanced drying times. The ideal combination of modern and traditional pigments, safe and stable. Authentic cadmium pigments in concentrations of 20% to 25%. Available in giant-size tubes with extra-large opening.

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Titanium White, Brilliant Yellow light, Cadmium Yellow light, Cadmium Yellow Orange, Naples Yellow light, Naples Yellow Reddish, Permanent Yellow Deep, Primary Yellow, Brilliant Yellow deep, Permanent Carmine, Permanent Madder deep, Quinacridone Rose light, Cadmium Red medium, Permanent Red light, Vermilion Deep (Hue), Green Earth, Cinnabar Green deep, Cobalt Violet (Hue), Permanent Violet Blueish, Permanent Violet Reddish, Ultramarine light, Phthalo Blue Green, Turquoise Blue, Sky Blue, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Brown stil de grain, Cassel Earth, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Mars Red, Indian Yellow, Ivory Black, Venetian Red, Permanent Yellow Orange, Naples Yellow reddish, Golden Ochre, Primary Blue Cyan, Permanent Orange, Vandyke Brown, Yellow Ochre, Permanent Red light