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Sta-Wet palette


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The Masterson Sta-Wet Handy Palette keeps acrylic paints moist on the open palette for hours. The palette measure 213 x 175 x 25mm deep (8.5 x 7 x 1″ deep) and has an air tight lid, cellulose sponge, five sheets of Sta-wet palette film and full instructions on how to prepare and use the palette. The special palette film is used as the mixing surface. Once the lid is closed the paints will stay in a workable condition for days, even weeks. The unique cellulose sponge and special permeable palette paper provide the paint with a constant source of moisture ensuring the paint does not dry out. This is the smallest of the three Sta-Wet palettes available in the Masterson’s range so does not take up valuable studio or luggage space, whilst being an ample size for most needs. There are also film and sponge refills available to ensure this is your go to palette for many years.

Out of stock