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Restauro 20ml 33 colours


Restauro varnish colours, 20ml tubes


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Restauro varnish colours
A unique palette for the art of saving art. Reliability is required for the reproducibility and brilliance of every tone, from the colours of medieval and Renaissance paintings to those of contemporary art. They have been created to endure unaltered but at the same time are always suited to being removed. This line of colours requires raw materials of extraordinary quality and purity. Maimeri is the sole remaining international producer of mastic resin based restoration paints. In preparing these colours the company still uses the original formulation, time-tested for more than fifty years of use on paintings in museums all over the world.

33 colours 20ml

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Titanium White, Zinc White, Cadmium Yellow light, Cadmium Yellow lemon, Cadmium Yellow medium, Cadmium Yellow deep, Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Yellow Ochre pale, Golden Ochre, Raw Sienna, Permanent Carmine, Permanent Madder deep, Cadmium Red Orange, Cadmium Red medium, Indian Red, Pozzuoli Earth, Burnt Sienna, Green Lake, Green Earth, Antique Green Earth, Chrome Oxide Green, Viridian, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine, cerulean, Brown Madder (Alizarin), Transparent Brown, Vandyke Brown, Cassel Earth, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Ivory Black