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Maimeri Gouache 20ml 47 colours


Maimeri Gouache colours, 20ml tubes


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Extrafine gouache colours
Maimeri Gouache is refinement. A selection of tempera paints taking its name from an old technique in which colour is rendered more reflective and opaque when mixed with premium gum arabic. The result is sedate in timbre, unique, more so than the more common tempera colours. Prized pigments that, when dry, look slightly paler than the wet tones, taking on a satiny, pearly appearance that can always be reversed. The luminous effect is highlighted through use on coloured paper or raw backgrounds of various kinds.

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Silver, Titanium White, Orange, Brilliant Orange, Zinc White, Light Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Naples Yellow, Primary Yellow, Deep Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Deep Ochre, Light Gold, Deep Gold, Bordeaux, Carmine, Solferino Lake, Red Ochre, Copper, Primary Red Magenta, Scarlet, Burnt Sienna, Vermillion Deep hue, Cinnabar Green Light, Cinnabar Green deep, Brilliant Green deep, Pine Green, Viridian (Hue), Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue (Hue), Ultramarine Light, Paris Blue, Primary Blue Cyan, Burnt Umber, Cerulean (Hue), Lilac, Blueish Violet, Violet Reddish, Vandyke Brown, Black, Sepia, Cadmium Red Hue, Olive Green, Prussian Blue, Vermilion light hue, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Payne's Grey