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Loxley Chuncky Stretched Canvas 46 sizes


Loxley Gold Chunky Canvas – 38mm Depth


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Loxley Gold Chunky is a superior range of artists stretched canvas individually made from fine materials. Sustainably sourced kiln dried pine is used for the stretcher frame with an 11oz, medium grain, 100% cotton which is sized then triple primed with a universal white acrylic gesso primer to produce a surface to take paint at its best without sinking and giving maximum creative flow. The edges of the canvas are clean and staple free and have a depth of 38mm. There are 54 different traditional.

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10.2×7.6cm, 15.2×10.2cm, 17.8×12.5cm, 20.3×15.2cm, 20.3×20.3cm, 25.4×12.5cm, 25.4×20.3cm, 25.4×25.4cm, 30.5×25.4cm, 30.5×30.5cm, 35.6×25.4cm, 35.6×35.6cm, 40.6×15.2cm, 40.6×30.5cm, 40.6×40.6cm, 45.7×35.6cm, 50.8×20.3cm, 50.8x30cm, 50.8×40.6cm, 50.8×50.8cm, 61×30.5cm, 61×45.7cm, 61×50.8cm, 61x61cm, 76.2×30.5cm, 76.2×50.8cm, 76.2x61cm, 76.2×76.2cm, 91.4×30.5cm, 91.4x61cm, 91.4×76.2cm, 91.4×91.4cm, 101.6×30.5cm, 101.6×40.6cm, 101.6×76.2cm, 101.6×101.6cm, 122×30.5cm, 122x61cm, 122×76.2cm, 122×91.4cm, 122x122cm, 152.4×40.6cm, 152.4×91.4cm, 152.4x122cm, 180x61cm, 180x122cm, 152.4×76.2cm, 182.8x122cm


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