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Idea Acrylic Sprays 200ml 26 Colours


200ml Acrylic sprays


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Spray for decoration
The metropolitan cult of graffiti and street art is the origin of these colours. They are simple to use, as immediate and untamed as the street, designed for the needs of this new frontier of decoration and contemporary art. All the most coveted looks are part of this range. From opaque pastels to bright, transparent tints. Glittery colours, metallic, fluorescent and phosphorescent. A hammered look, or a chromed. The most original you can get. Free rein to expression and to the boldest marks that imagination can leave on the most anonymous surface.

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White, Ivory White, Lemon Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, Dark Yellow, Antique Rose, Vermillion, Yellowish Green, Dark Green, Viridian, Light Green, Sky Blue, Phthalo Blue light, Ultramarine Blue, Violet, Yellow Ochre, Bronze, Burnt Umber, Brown, Silver, Warm Grey, Gold Glitter, Fosforescent, Orange, Fluorescent Orange, Hammered Golden Yellow, Fluorescent Green, Emerald Green, Black, Copper, Light Gold, Silver glitter