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Glass Paints 60ml 21 colours


Glass paints, 60ml


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The ephemeral colour of transparency. Painting on glass is one of the oldest and most magical forms of illusion, of playing with light and colours. Today you achieve this with colours created to modernize the ancient art of the master glassblowers and stained-glass makers who, from the Middle Ages to the present day, created works of timeless beauty on the most fragile of supports. Thirty transparent, solvent-based colours ensuring stability to the light and adaptability to changes in temperature. Twelve water-based relief colours, soft, workable, fast-drying.

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Yellow, Deep Yellow, Orange, Bordeaux, Rose, Carmine, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Water Green, Blue, Sap Green, Turquoise Blue, Prussian Blue, Violet, Violet Reddish, Brown, Burnt Umber, Black, Colourless Varnish, Medium, Final Varnish, Light Green, Ultramarine, Gold, Silver, White


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