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Aero color liner


Aero liners, empty.


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AERO COLOR® Professional LINER

AERO COLOR® Professional LINER: 6 empty pens can be filled with 36 standard and 12 TOTAL COVER shades of AERO COLOR® Professiona

The different AERO COLOR® Professional LINER allow the fast and easy application of the 36 lightfast and water proof and 12 highly opaque TOTAL COVER shades of AERO COLOR® Professional without using an airbrush.

The empty pens are available in different sizes and different tips. This allows to create easily individual sketches, drawings or signatures on diverse surfaces such as paper, canvas, wood, primed metal or primed plastic. The coloured shades can be mixed with each other, so that the artist only needs some basic colours in order to obtain a wide and colourful selection

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0,8mm, 1mm, 2mm, 2,6mm, 1mm short handle