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Maimeri 90 extra-soft pastels set


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The feeling of soft pastels is like the feeling of silken velvet: impossible to describe in either words or pictures. Extrafine pastels like the “Artisti” line must be tested, handled, and blended to reveal their qualities. They are colours, and yet their essence is tactile. But don’t touch the surface before applying fixative! Pastels remind us of the fragility of material beauty more than any other product, and perhaps this is why we find them so fascinating.
Gianni Maimeri’s extraordinary sensitivity to the substance of colour, the result of his being both a painter and a maker of colours, has left us some very special works done with pastels and some marvellous recipes for making pastels.
The company he founded is carrying on his tradition, introducing the appropriate innovations, pursuing its founder’s goal of concentrating on a few simple things: purity, lightfastness and colouring power in pigments in a selection of 90 colours, made with top quality genuine binder.

All colours
diameter 11 mm
length 70 mm

In stock